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Re: [Land-speed] Synthetic Motor oil

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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Synthetic Motor oil
From: "Jerry Foster" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 10:59:24 -0500
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Good info Rick.  Thanks.

Jerry in Dallas

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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Synthetic Motor oil

> I'm in agreement with Brian that  rears should use only hyphoid lubes.
> Transmission on the other hand depend on what lube they were designed for. 
> T5 was designed for ATF as a lube as was the TREMAC.
> I found the T5 shifted better with Mobil 1 30 wt engine oil, I didn't 
> experiment with the TREMAC.  With the liner, I use a Jerico 4 speed. 
> Since it started out design of a Ford top loader, I haven't used anything 
> but 75-90 Mobil 1 Hyphoid lube.  I'm not sure I'll go lighter than this 
> for some time in the trans or rear.
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