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fuel leak, mkII

Subject: fuel leak, mkII
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 16:27:46 +0500
Fellow fiends:

HELP!  It appears that I'm not receiving any mail from the mgs list (yet).  
I've subscribed via majordomo, but haven't gotten any postings.  This 
includes my message this morning regarding a fuel leak in my '63 B (and any 
responses that may have been generated from that initial request for logic 
and/or explanation).  I don't want to miss out on someone's brilliant 
analysis of my berserk fuel situation, so if I could depend on the kindness 
of reletive strangers and ask that someone forward any relevant materials 
directly to me until I can get Mark B. to look at things and get me properly 
subscribed.  Please: I only would like to get the stuff regarding my fuel 
leak problem; you don't have to forward all the list's postings to me!!

Will Zehring

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