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Oops, and more begging

To: all-cars
Subject: Oops, and more begging
From: Mark J Bradakis <mjb>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 17:41:19 -0700
First off, my apologies to those who see this message several times, as I
am skirting the usual mailing lists, trying out a new admin list.

I managed to move shuffle a few things around, moving the car stuff onto the
community disk.  It was almost painless, I failed to fix one path name in a
majordomo script, and mail was not going to the same lists that majordomo
was updating.  It should all be fixed now, though if you get this message and
you unsubscribed from all the lists hosted on, let me know.
I may have missed a few additions or deletions.

A few of you have asked recently about the disk fund.  What happened was that
space was getting low for car related stuff on my machine, so I asked the
members of the lists for donations, to be used for the purchase of a new disk.
The disk space would be dedicated to serving the mailing lists, FTP stuff
and the Web pages.  Enough money rolled in over the course of the year or so
the offer was open, and I recently, well, actually some months ago, bought
a 1 gig disk to stick in my machine.  It's working fine, thanks again to
those who donated.

Now that the disk is in place, I won't ask for more donations for that
purpose.  I will, however, ask for donations for three other purposes.
If you already gave, or are just too poor, or use a commercial service and
pay too much for this stuff already, or live outside of the US of A
and the cost of sending money to the States is prohibitive, or you think I
am just an all around bean-brain and don't deserve it, or whatever excuse
you can come up with, then don't worry about the following.  No need to
feel guilty.  I am not doing this with the expectation I'll get rich,
trust me!

For the small handful of you that may actually have a few bucks to spare, and
appreciate the efforts I put into these mailing lists, I have three choices
for you, pick the one that makes you feel the best:

1.  The community disk is inside my machine now, which has the internal bays
    for it.  RealSoonNow I may have another machine, which won't have the
    space inside.  I'd like to buy an external cabinet for the disk, making
    it easier to move to other hardware.  So, you could help defray the cost
    of the cabinet.

2.  One thing I plan on doing this summer is renting a workstation similar
    to mine, setting up a duplicate of the FTP/WWW stuff, and showing off
    what we have at the Vintage Triumph Register's summer convention, and
    maybe even the SCCA Solo Nationals in Topeka.  This depends on what I
    can rent, when, and how much.  You could help with this.  I'll even
    come up with a sponsor's page for these demos.

3.  And lastly, pure selfishness.  The other night when I was up here at work
    shuffling things around and fussing about the lists in general, I sat back
    and stretched, thinking I'd rather be out having a mug of my favorite
    beverage.  If you feel so inclined, how about buying me a beer?

If any of these three tug at your purse strings, send a check, made out to
Fat Chance Garage, to

Fat Chance Garage
PO Box 58333
Salt Lake City, UT 84158

If you do send anything, it would be nice if you'd let me know which of the
three you are helping with.


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