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Re: Previous posting received?

To: "John M. Trindle" <>
Subject: Re: Previous posting received?
From: (Allen Bachelder)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 21:50:06 -0500
>I sent a rather lengthy message describing my recent engine rebuild for
>my '73 B... did anyone receive it?  (I didn't get it echoed back).

>John M. Trindle
John -
' Seems we're all used to the Brit Car net where the 40-80 posts per day
would surely include at least a couple of responses to whatever we might
have to say.  This mg net is really quiet.

In fact, I did receive, and very much enjoyed your engine rebuild post.
Actually, about five years ago I could have written almost exactly the same
one myself.  My first engine rebuild was also on a '73, albeit a BGT.  It
had run 175,000 miles on the original bottom end and although it was
consuming a quart of oil every 200 miles, it still had decent oil pressure.
Clutch cover gave out and I couldn't see putting the engine back in
without rebuilding.  I did not experience your smoke problem - ' hope your
hunch is right about the cause. Mine ran great thereafter for 14,000 miles
- and continued to run great for 7,000 after that but for spraying
anti-freeze all over the right side of the engine bay.  After replacing the
good old heater control valve to no avail, I had the head off three times
trying various combinations of head gaskets, new studs, permatex brown,
etc, before I caught it in the act on morning: as it idled I could see a
nice little bead of anti-freeze running diagonally thru #3 spark plug hole.
Cracked head.

End of story? No, beginning!  ' Got a "great" deal on another head.
Machine work all done for local mechanic who's customer never came to pick
it up.  ' Bought it for $300 and put it on.  Car ran 158 miles until
exhaust valve seat  on #4 turned loose - with pieces of same beating up
that piston as well as #3.  That was in April of 1993.  I rebuilt it again
- finishing last March and it has been on the engine stand since then as I
stripped the engine bay and I'm in the slow process of detailing it.  (In
the meantime, I've been building  a new garage.)

I was showing the "new" engine to a friend last weekend.  Mind you, it has
been wrapped in plastic all this time.  My friend asked: "Why do you have
rice in the intake and exhaust ports?"


Yep - rhymes with MICE, doesn't it.  And there were numerous rice - not
just one "rouse".  Another minor inconvenience - I will have to take the
head back off before it runs at all.  Fortunately that is not too difficult
at this stage - but I don't need further delays.  Not to mention tossing
out a brand-new head gasket!

But then, if we couldn't live with problems like this, we would have other
hobbies instead - right?
Guess I'll post this to the mg net just to see something more come through.
Maybe somebody will tell me I don't need to remove the rice. I did vacuum
all of it (I think!) from the ports, but of course some valves were open -
I'll never know if some got down into the bores unless I pull the head

I didn't know they made rice burners in England!


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