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regarding engine rebuilds

Subject: regarding engine rebuilds
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 1995 08:01:50 +0500
Fellow fiends:

Three items:

#1:  to whomever posted the original message on engine rebuilds:  there was 
still some problem with my subscription to mgs at that time.  Things appear 
to be working fine now (Thanks, Mark!) Can you (or someone out there) 
re-post it to me, as I'd like to read your experiences.

#2:  there is an article in the latest "Victory Lane" on rebuilding the B 
series engine for performance (i.e. vintage racing).  I've only skimmed the 
first few paragraphs but it looks like there might be some interesting 
things there (at least for the novice learning about tweeking his/her 
engine).  Most emphasis seems to be on the 1500, 1600 and 1622 cc 
three-mains found in the MGA, but some remarks regarding the 1800 engines 
are there also.  For instance: I was unaware that there were evidently some 
significant changes in oil passage drillings in the crank when the early 
5-main engine was brought out that markedly enhanced its reliability under 
race-like conditions.

#3:  keeping on the theme of engine rebuilds: I have high hopes of getting 
Old Whitesides ('63B) back on the road in March.  Yipeeee  :-)!  The car 
only has about 200 miles on its "new" engine.  There is a faint chance that 
I'd like to take the car to North Carolina in April or May (from Detroit).  
Any thoughts on the suitability of extended highway travel on a reletively 
fresh engine?  I'm hoping that by departure time I'll have put another 300 
or so miles on it, mostly commutes and around town stuff.  Of course, there 
will be a head bolt torque check, fresh oil, and such before the trip.  Bear 
in mind that I don't have overdrive so I'll likely be cruising in the 3700 
RPM range.  Taking the B is not that important, so if it is considered 
unwise, I can leave it at home.

#3.5:  okay so I lied, there are actully four items:  a member of my local 
car-guy support group has cautioned me not to keep the engine at constant 
RPMs for a long time.  He says its good to vary the RPMs.  Why would this be 
true?  Rings seat better with RPM changes?  Or is he just passing oil?

Will Zehring

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