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SU Choke

Subject: SU Choke
From: (Allen Bachelder)
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 16:24:27 -0500

#1)     When I pressed the accelerator pedal and pulled the choke knob
out as far a I could it would set the high idle cams but I could not
pull it out enough to pull the jets down against the spring pressure.

#3)     The mice... How does everybody keep the mice away from their LBC's?
My worthless cat just watches run around.

- -Mark Jurras     = =o&o

Mark -

#1)  I've found that the position of the lever arm (to which the choke
cable attaches) is critical.          ' Think it is even possible to put
lever-shaft assembly on upside-down when remounting SUs.  At any rate, if
the arm is too low in its arc, pulling the choke all the way out may only
set up the fast idle.  The resistance felt at this point may be because
you're at the end of the arc where there is either very little leverage or
no travel left.  I just loosened the lever arm and played with its position
on the shaft until it all came together.

#3) Having just found rice in the intake manifold of an engine I rebuilt
some time ago, maybe I'm not the person to speak on this, but I've been
told that our little furry friends detest moth balls.  I put shallow dishes
of them (moth balls, that is, not little furry friends) under seats and
under the bonnet.  Similarly, we had critters digging up my wife's (rather
expensive) new tulip bulbs.  We sprinkled the area with moth balls.  It
seems to work.  But then, so does the set of deer whistles I put on my '76
B.  They DO keep the elephants away!

BTW we live on a farm, and twice I've found vacated snake skins in my boxes
of old parts.  One was in the BASEMENT!  Next to a cracked head that, I
just discovered, is now full of Decon!  Do mice like carbon?  Maybe that's
why they chew on wiring harnesses - they're trying to get to the smoke!

Allen Bachelder

"If I could own just one car, it would be two or three MGs."

Allen H. Bachelder, Associate Professor of Trumpet
Department of Music, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0240
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