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Re: SU Choke

Subject: Re: SU Choke
From: "TeriAnn Wakeman" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 95 15:01:55 -0800
In message <> Will Zehring writes:
> John Trindle writes:
> >No, I just replaced my choke cable, and am having trouble getting the 
> >footprints out of my dash.  It turned out there was a kink in the cable 
> >which made it very stiff.  
> >
> And I can second that from my own experience.  I had a hard to operate cable 
> and it turned out that the wire had partly broken and was becoming unwound 
> in the casing.  It would snag and tagle and then that was about it. 
> Will Zehring

I had one of those too.  I just tied a length of bailing twine to the choke 
handle  to get more leaverage.  When my last engine rebuild happened I replaced 
the cable inside & it slips easily now.

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