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Re: Animals and MGBs

Subject: Re: Animals and MGBs
From: (Mark Jurras)
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 95 11:56:01 EST
> Sooner or later, just about everybody hits a deer out in these parts.  It
> is a source of ongoing concern to me.  I have no idea if the deer whistles
> work and I don't rely on them - but for whatever they are worth I have
> them.  They fit unobtrusively under the rubber bumper.  The chrome bumpered
> cars present a different problem which I haven't solved yet.

My boss was driving to work one day when he saw a deer jump in front of
a car and get hit. He stopped to assist the woman and she told him that
the previous week her husband had hit a deer. He had just installed the
whistles on her car to prevent it from happening again. Maybe we need
to train the deer as to what the whistle means. Even if there not 100% 
effective I'm sure there a good idea. Maybe I should put mine on the car 
instead of on the workbench.

- -Mark     = =o&o

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