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Re: need for speed

Subject: Re: need for speed
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 08:57:47 -0700
>News last night reported that the bill which repeals Carter's 55 limit has
>been signed and in 10 days states will be able to set their own speed limit.
>Also reported that Montana will have NO SPEED LIMIT. My question is: does
>anyone have information on imigration to Montana.
>Ernest E. Gilbert

I wonder if we Montanans should start to worry about another influx of 
people now that the California immigration is tapering off. I can say this - 
Montana has been the "in" place to move to for about three years now so jobs 
are scarce, the cost of living is increasing, and the winters are still very 
cold (keeps the immigration down to only the hardy).

I notice our governor and other state officials are trying to downplay the 
"no speed limit" publicity. We have a speed limit - speeds must be "safe and 
prudent" or something to that effect. In other words, it is still the 
trooper's discretion. Previous to this change, speeding tickets were only $5 
so the change isn't so drastic.

Besides the best MG driving is in the mountains were speeds will be 
regulated more by the roads and the curves. Highways such as the Beartooth 
Pass provide excellent sports car driving although at lower speeds (of 
course other states such as Colorado also feature some cool drives).

In response to another post by James Fischer - I don't know how he gets out 
of all his speeding tickets. My conviction rate is much higher, although my 
"speedometer error" and "the speedomter doesn't work" has about a 50% 
success rate. But that is in other states - my last Montana ticket was 
sometime in the mid-eighties.

David Councill
71 BGT

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