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Re: Midget 1500 drain plug

Subject: Re: Midget 1500 drain plug
From: Malcolm Fraser <>
Date: Sat, 02 Dec 1995 11:44:15 +1300
Bart Schwartz wrote:
>      I missed the begining of this thread and can't find the coolant drain
>      plug on my Midget 1500 either.
>      The Haynes manual does make mention of the plug and even describes
>      where it is, but the description doesn't seem to match my car... odd.
>      Does anyone know where this plug is?
Just ran downstairs and had a look!
You'll find it under the exhaust manifold, directly below the outlet for
number 4 cylinder.   It's a 11/16" or 3/4" bolt sticking horizontally
into the block.   Off memory there's a fibre washer that goes underneath
it which rips apart as soon as the bolt is turned so a new one and maybe
some plumbers sealing tape might be in order.

hope you can find it!


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