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Re: Electric "fool" pumps

To: Nick Benson <>
Subject: Re: Electric "fool" pumps
From: Berry Kercheval <>
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 21:32:31 PST
>>>Nick Benson said:
 > Anyone of you extremely helpful people "out there" ever installed an 
 > electric fuel pump?

I installed one in Sybil, my '72 TR6.  I used a FACET from JCWhitney and a 
fine filter and mounting kit from Pegasus Racing.

 > My main question is: Does installing one eliminate vapor lock,(which is 
 > big problem here in Colorado.)

Um, not necessarily.  But when I installed the electric pump I also rerouted 
the fuel feed from next to the engine to around the outside of the engine bay. 
 No vapour lock for this boy!

 > Secondly, can they be installed in the engine bay area?  It seems that 
 > most people install them in the trunk, but I'm not certain why.

Actually, the best place (at least on a TR6) is on the frame rail right next 
to the fuel tank outlet.  THe reasoning is that they push petter than they 

That said, I put mine in the engine compartment and have had zero problems 
with it.  It *does* make wiring it to the oil pressure cutoff switch much 

Berry Kercheval :: :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

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