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Re: Limited Edition MGB

Subject: Re: Limited Edition MGB
From: (David Hay )
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 23:43:40 -0800
Nick Levett wrote: 
>Can anyone tell me if this vehicle ID is from a 1980 Limited Edition 
>       GVVDJ2AG509488
>It is a black 1980 with the right wheels, but I'm not convinced it is. 

    According to the sources I've read, the Limited Edition Roadster 
for North America began production in June of 1979 (1980 model year) 
and started with vehicle number 503521. If your car is # 509488 then 
yes it is a Limited Edition MGB and probably manufactured somewhere 
between Sept. and Dec. of 1979.

    Other things to look for:

 - 85mph speedometer with 6 digit odometer
 - type 45DM4 distibutor with separate amplifier
 - "Limited Edition" plaque on glovebox
 - also, cars made after #505065 had headlight rims with 2 notches in 
them so the beams can be adjusted without removing the rims

    Dave Hay
    77 B

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