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Re: speedometer wanted

Subject: Re: speedometer wanted
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 08:08:35 -0500
Ernest E. Gilbert writes;

>Help please, I have exhausted all of my usual sources. I need an early MGB
>OD speedometer. The dial should bear the numbers '1040.' 

I may have missed out on this speedo thread (I vaguely recollect a 
discussion of this topic way back in summer) but I have hopes of putting an 
OD box in my '63 (its re-assembly is scheduled to be completed sometime 
before the sun explodes  :-/ ), and while I was aware of potential problems 
in speedo incompatibility between 4-speed and OD boxes, it was also my 
impression that any "good" speedo repair/rebuild shop could do "something" 
to my current "normal" speedo and make it accurate with the OD box.  Is this 
not true?  Do I need to buy an OD-specific speedo?  If so, add my name to 
Ernest's plea (above).

Will Zehring

p.s.  Ernest: if you find two of 'em, I'll take one!

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