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Packing for extended touring

Subject: Packing for extended touring
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 13:01:20 -0500
To further explore this apparently universal challenge, there are, I am
certain many inventive solutions by the veterans on this board.  In once
again looking forward to some extended tours in the soon to be finished TC,
my interest in solutions to the problem is intense.  In preparation, I have
done the following: 1. rewelded the Phil Marino luggage "bench" that is
attached to the rear frame unit and tied to the spare wheel.  2. created a
"console" that incorporates the CB speaker as well as a square foot of space
for sunscreen, lip balm, M&M's  and other necessities. 3. Built the "Omygod"
boxes to fit nestled into that "wasted space" surrounding the differential.
 I would be interested in any additional ideas from this inventive group.
 Yes, I have thought of leaving my wife at home, but she is as necessary to
me as a spare fuel pump, coil of baling wire and roll of duct tape.   How
else would I recall the dumb things I did at roadside were it not for her
constant vigilance and frequent reminders?
Bob (lets go touring) McKarney

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