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Spridget panel behind seats (was Packing for extended...)

Subject: Spridget panel behind seats (was Packing for extended...)
From: (Stan Fickes)
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 09:40:22 -0800
>> Maybe also the panel behind the seats could be changed so that it
>> bows inwards into the car instead of being flat - so making the boot
>> slightly bigger ?
>That panel irks me.  Mine is just vinyl covered cardboard and the PO put a
>>speaker on it and it sags and pulls horribly.  I want to replace it with
>wood >of some kind before this trip (for better sealing and for strength).

The DPO of my Sprite had cut large round holes for what was once a pair of
speakers in mine.  I bought some thin plywood, a piece of black vinyl and
some 1/2" foam rubber.  I cut the wood to shape, covered it with the foam
and vinyl (staple the vinyl in place) then blind riveted it into place from
the inside of the boot.  It looks perfect and no screws intrude into the
passenger side.  It was cheap too!

Stan Fickes
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