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Re: battery capacity

Subject: Re: battery capacity
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 08:22:32 -0500
Richard saith:

>> I believe this experiment may be flawed. 

To which Denise respondeth:

>The ambient temperature is absolutely constant here in San Diego; 

I think I've found the problem (after all, it was *my* theory in the first 
place).  I fear that Denise's battery experiment will never succeed in 
reproducing the discharge effect that I theorize is due to the intense 
humidity levels near cememnt.  The reason is simple (what else?):  its too 
warm and cozy in San Diego.  Imagine, all of you east of the Pecos (and 
north of the Perdenales), driving in early December with your top down (as 
it were)!  No way would you store your battery under such conditions.  Your 
battery would be in your car and your car would be out on the road 
fulfilling your deepest spititual needs!  My whole theory of battery 
discharge requires that the weather be miserably cold and unsuitable for lbc 
motoring.  Batteries only discharge in hostile environments (i.e. north of 
the Pecos and east of the Perdenales... or is it east of the Pecos...?  
Anyway, trying to discharge a battery in the warm and sunny climes of San 
Diego just won't work.  It should be obvious that this is true from Denise's 

My suggestion to salvage this effort and reproduce the proper conditions for 
battery discharge (if you insist on perfoming the experiment in So.Cal.:  
cut out a block of cement, roughtly a foot square, from the floor of your 
garage.  Soak the cement in water (tap water will do but we biochemists 
would prefer de-ionized water) for three weeks, then put it and your battery 
in the back of your ice box (I mean, your refrigerator; I grew up in Kansas) 
and begin to test the voltage again.  VERY IMPORTANT: you can't do this 
experiment in a frost free fridge.  It's got to be a non-frost free or you 
spoil the whole effect of humidity.  I can't predict what will happen to 
your yogurt cultures so you might want to buy another ice box too.  

>From my perspective this whole thing is as clear as glass.

Will "my glass is half full" Zehring

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