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Re: Rocker rattle

Subject: Re: Rocker rattle
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 1995 08:21:26 EST
-- [ From: Bob Nogueira * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Yesterday I was feeling really great,I sat down with my coffee and
caught up on my SOL reading. The reason I was feeling so great is that
Sunday I found the  vacuum leak which had caused the MGBGT to run so
poorly for the last month. She was now running like a charm.
I finished my reading  with the note below. I then went out to wash and
wax her, started her up,  and guess what I found?

I ripped the head off that car with my bear hands!!!!
I  can pick it up from the machine shop Friday. 
Just to test the gods, would some one please  write about how, while on
the way to the machine shop, they found  a MGTC for $500. I'll make
sure it' s the last thing I read Friday morning.
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> Date: Monday, 04-Dec-95 11:53 AM
> From: White Richard H.         \ Internet:    
> To:   Bob Nogueira             \ PRODIGY:     (NKED65A)
> Subject: Rocker rattle
I have a rattling sound at idle.I took the car (a 79 B ) to a
> in the SF valley who said it was the lifters bouncing at idle the
noise goes
> away at  speed He wasn't too concerned and said that it was normal at
70K miles and to use an additive or 20W-50W oil.My question is..Does
this sound reasonable?

> This sounds like a broken valve spring to me, or a sticking valve,
> causes the lifter to NOT snap back into position correctly.  Just
> something  to check before a complete tear-down.  Richard

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Yeap Bent a valve sitting in the garage ovenight.    BN

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