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Re: Fitting a 74 engine in a 66 Midget

Subject: Re: Fitting a 74 engine in a 66 Midget
From: (Stan Fickes)
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 14:03:18 -0800
Will asked in response to Glenn's query...

>I'm not experienced with the Midget side of things that much (no one has
>managed to sell me that ultra-solid pre-67 migdet for an abominably low
>price), but...   isn't the '66 engine *better* than the '74?  When was the
>switch to the 1500cc s**tfire engine?  Why not just change your plans and
>restore a '66?

According to Moss, Spitfidget production started in 10/74, so a '74 Midget
should be a 1275, which is better than the 1098.  If it's got 2 SUs, it's a
good engine.  If it's a ZS, just restore the older car!  The 1275 should be
an easy swap in to the '66, though you will need to pay attention to the
hydraulic clutch cylinders and such.  I have a '72 engine in my '65 Sprite,
so I should be able to help some in this respect.  I believe most other
running gear parts are equivalent, though the later car probably has a
numerically lower ratio rear end, possibly larger gas tank, and a few other
desirable bits.

I'm happy to supply whatever detail I can...  sf

Stan Fickes
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