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Re: to the boneyard!

Subject: Re: to the boneyard!
From: (David Councill)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 14:31:37 -0700
>Chris, et al.:
>I guess I'll express the contrary opinion here and even say a few things 
>that border on heresy.  

A SAAB over an MG? On this MG discussion group no less. I would have to vote
for blasphemy.  :)

>Enough of the practical advice, now for the heresy:  I worry about holding 
>onto and driving a badly rusted and potentially unsafe car only for reasons 
>of sentimentality.  In one sense its "only" an MGB.  There were half a 
>million of them made and you'll find another one and enjoy it too (honest)!  
>Don't turn yours into an albatross/money pit.  It sounds like the body is 
>*very* tired.  One more rusty clapped-out body sent to the bone yard is not 
>a sin, even if it is an MG.  This is doubly forgiveable as BMHT is selling 
>shells anyway.  Your putting this car to its final resting place will not 
>mark you in the book of evil doers.  

Actually, I thought the heresy was the other comments on the SAAB. Because
MGs are still a relatively cheap buy (for such a fine automobile), economics
indicate that there are still a surplus of these cars. As more die, the
remainder will increase in value. But no thanks to those of us that keep
them alive forever.

I hope the Lucas demons have not been revived from this thread.
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