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to the boneyard!

Subject: to the boneyard!
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 11:42:18 -0500
Chris, et al.:

I guess I'll express the contrary opinion here and even say a few things 
that border on heresy.  

All of your options are do-able more or less, with differing ammounts of 
time and money donated by yourself.  Personally, I think you should opt for 
the Saab (provided its really worth the asking price---I have no special 
affection for Saabs) and relegate your B to the parts-car category---with 
*every* intention of, when the time is right, getting back into an MG, but 
doing so with some thought, patience, and planning---and making this next 
one a top drawer keeper!!  Bide (sp?) your time until a reasonably solid car 
comes along, and then grab it and get busy.  Scavange the good bits from 
your current car (at least the engine and OD box), and fence the remainder 
to your buddies on the MG list.  With the mid-70's parts car you will most 
likely want to look for a mid-70's replacement.  You might find a real 
bargain because you don't need a car with an engine/drive train.  Your 
search should be reletively easy as the mid-70's constituted the peak 
production/export years for the B.  

Enough of the practical advice, now for the heresy:  I worry about holding 
onto and driving a badly rusted and potentially unsafe car only for reasons 
of sentimentality.  In one sense its "only" an MGB.  There were half a 
million of them made and you'll find another one and enjoy it too (honest)!  
Don't turn yours into an albatross/money pit.  It sounds like the body is 
*very* tired.  One more rusty clapped-out body sent to the bone yard is not 
a sin, even if it is an MG.  This is doubly forgiveable as BMHT is selling 
shells anyway.  Your putting this car to its final resting place will not 
mark you in the book of evil doers.  

Obviously, I love the marque and its tough to give up on a specific car that 
has been a lot of fun.  In many ways I still wish I had the '72 roadster 
("Nigel") and the ugly bumpers on the '74 B/GT ("Hermes").  Still and all, I 
now have the '63 (aka Old Whitesides) and I'm loving it too (honest)!  Best 
fun you can have with your... nevermind.  

I'll step down from my soapbox now.  

Will Zehring

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