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ain't never been to Texas; was=>Re: bodywork or boneyard?

Subject: ain't never been to Texas; was=>Re: bodywork or boneyard?
From: (Christopher A. Lenth)
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 1995 12:20:23 +0500
on 12/7/95 Bob N. wrote: ----
>Chris: I don't know how much you have traveled  but here in Texas you
>can generally find a rust free MGB body in junk yards . having been
>raised in New England I am always amazed  when I go to a junk yard and
>see all these British cars being parted out and the bodies have little
>if any rust.  You rarely hear of anyone  from up North buying a body 
>from a southern car and using it as a restoration base. My guess is the
>price of the engine suspension etc drives up the cost. If it were me
>I'd plan a vacation with a friend who owns a truck come to the south
>and buy the equal of a new body shell for a few hundred bucks. 
>MGB's on the road and driveable fetch 1000.00 to 3000.00 here. 

Bob, you really made my day!  This is great news, especially since a 
transplant seems to be the most cost effective solution to my problem.  
Although Texas seems a bit far from Va, the price range you indicated for 
good body shells definitely makes this idea pay.  I am already visualizing 
two possible scenarios (although working the time into my schedule may 
require some creative bargaining with my major prof/boss).

1.  Drive MG to Ia, get my dad (See, my dad is a bit of a cowboy and I know 
he's always wanted to go to Texas, but the hard part will be getting him to 
leave the horses at home) and his 3/4 ton truck and neighbors trailer and 
head off to the wonderful southwest in search of adventure and the body 
(shell) of my dreams.  Haul body shell to from Texas to VA or make the 
switch in dear old dads garage.

2.  Grab a friend and rent one of those Uhaul piggyback car carriers and 
make the trek from VA.  This would most likely require locating one or 
several the body shells in advance due to rental costs.

>I have the address of a guy who bought a 1979 MGB for his daughter. she
>tired off the carb problems parked it in her fathers garage four years
>ago and there it sits. He told me he needed to get rid of it since his
>wife wants the garage room.  She wants to give it away he thinks
>getting a 1000.00  for it would be great. He says it has 60,000 miles. 
>If you have a good engine and such, I'd keep it and use the car as a

I'm really looking for a late chrome bumpered B, and might go for something 
earlier since mine is a '73 and the engine was rebiult to earlier (higher 
compression, better cam, etc) specs.  Thanks for the info, it makes a 
persuasive example.

Good body shells are so hard to come by hear in VA that I had almost 
relegated myself to rebuilding my beloved rust bucket.  Anyway, I figure 
that by keeping my engine and "running gear" I won't be totally abandoning 
the car that I've been through so much with in the last four years.  Shit, 
who am I kidding, I'll probably just end up having two MG's, it is bound to 
happen sooner or later. Thanks alot Bob and the rest of you for your well 
considered advice.  Now if some of you wonderful southwesterners could keep 
your eyes peeled for a nice 69 to early 74 body shell for me?

Chris "I'm so excited I forgot that I've got finals this week" Lenth

PS: Bob, I don't know if you're a Longhorn fan but I wanted to wish you luck 
in the Sugar Bowl.  My (and Jay Tilton's and Allen Bachelders) Virgina Tech 
Hokies (yeah that's 'Hokies') are goin' to kick some but ;-)!

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