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Re: Silicon Brake fluid in the clutch ???

Subject: Re: Silicon Brake fluid in the clutch ???
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 95 21:48:13 PST
>On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, Gary R. Burrell wrote:
>> Going one step further I could do the clutch at the same time.  Then in 
>> order to only have one type of brake fluid in the car I could go to 
>> silicon on the clutch as well.  Has anyone done this?  How does it work?
>> Keep in mind that if I do this I will go to new lines and new or rebuilt 
>> cylinders (I'll probably rebuild them myself) so old fluid in the lines 
>> etc. will not be an issue.

This past summer three of us headed out from Seattle area for Lake Tahoe and 
convention. One of the MGBs had converted to silicon fluid in brake and clutch 
systems, as was my 
Toyota MR2. That MGB and my MR2 _BOTH_ had problems getting the clutch to 
disengage properly when 
the vehicles warmed up (hot days, fairly high altitudes). After discussing this 
at the convention 
I learned that most racers don't use silicon. Also that silicon contains three 
time as much air as 
standard Dot 3 or Dot 4 fluids and _IS_ more compressionable- thus our problems 
especially when 
the system heats up.

It's interesting comming over the top of Rose Pass (about 9200') in third gear 
and stepping onto 
the clutch pedal, only to have it go to the floor with no release of the 
clutch! After a few miles 
descending the grade on the other side it cooled enough that you could shift it 
by double 
clutching and leaning on the syncromesh a bit harder than normal.

After that experience, I'll stay with Dot 4 and avoid the silicon fluid.


Name: John R. Phillips, Auburn WA
Date: 12/07/95
Time: 21:48:13

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