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Re: Mary & Mungo

Subject: Re: Mary & Mungo
From: (Scotty)
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 21:51:43 +1030
 ****Mike wrote****
 Although not unheard of, it is not my experience for us Yanks to name our
cars  at least not in my area. Maybe this is a new thread, but I am curious
if this  is a regional thing. When I mean names, I mean real names like
yours, not the  names that are slang or worse,the things we call our cars
when they are driving  us nuts.

 Mike Leckstein ,New Jersey USA 
 ****end of original message****

 on reflection,it must be the most natural thing for owners to give their
MGs    names. How so you ask? Well I got to thinking last night after my
last posting.
 The Musketeer Works Team MGs [1935-1939] NE Magnette`s to TA`s [Blown] were
all  named for the three Muskateers, Athos, Porthos & Aramis. In the late
30`s a   follow up to the R-type was to have a V8 power unit, 2xP type
blocks with a   common crankcase and because of it`s size was called, the
Queen Mary! = 
 [ref: MG by McCombe] & EX 181, named the Roaring Raindrop! & K3023 built
for    Captain George Eyston, painted in cream & brown stripes, the Humbug!
So the   factory gave the cars names way back then! I probably have missed a
few but
 this illustrates the point that I wanted to make. Lots of cars have names in
 Australia, a famous identity or feat often names a car, like the Nuvolari K3
 or the Bira K3 or the Le Mans C type, but some owners do give a name to their
 pride and joy. If I ever own an 1100 I think I might join them and call it
 Adelaide, Australia.   

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