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Re: Mary & Mungo

Subject: Re: Mary & Mungo
From: (Scotty)
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 21:44:12 +1030
>>Andy Castellano Smith.          | email:

>>       1977 Chrome Bumper Midget "Mungo" for short.
>>DPO of 1975 Rubber Bumper Midget "Mary"  for short.
>Andy: I note that your cars have names. I purchase from UK several years
ago my 
>YB sedan. It came with a name "Plum". Friends that  have bought cars in the UK 
>also found that the cars had names. Although not unheard of, it is not my 
>experience for us Yanks to name our cars , at least not in my area. Maybe this 
>is a new thread, but I am curious if this is a regional thing. When I mean 
>names, I mean real names like yours, not the names that are slang or worse,
>things we call our cars when they are driving us nuts.
>Mike Leckstein ,New Jersey USA 
Mike, a few years ago a young lady named Carol joined our M.G. car club in
South Australia, at the time she [ the young lady ] was single, and was
accompanied by a girl friend on club runs, the accompanying lady was also
called Carol!! When she was introduced to club members,folks decided that we
had to be able to tell the girls apart, [what with them having twin names]
so they became, and are to this day, Carols Mk1 & Mk2. That reverses the
naming trend just this once! :-) Oh! was single! she married me.

Scotty, who has never given a car a name, Scott.
[If you give your M.G. a name, will it come to you if you call it?]     

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