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Smoke Transfusion (part 1)

Subject: Smoke Transfusion (part 1)
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 21:26:56 -0500
A note of semi whimsy for you MG net persons:
     It seems that within 48 hours of driving of '75 B tourer to work during
hurricaine Erin (this was in August for the meterologically impaired) with no
sign of any trouble upon returning to the alleged vehicle from a hard day's
work, there was SURPRISE no response to turning the ignition key. Back to the
building to fetch a maintainence man, jumper cables, and a pickup truck (US
model battery not stored on concrete-no Lucas electrics - no flux aura). Upon
connecting said cables between vehicles with proper attention to polarity and
not scratching the folded rear window there was emitted a large quantity of
electrical smoke. I can tell it was electrical because there were also
firebolts. For the non-alchemists a quick review of the periodic table of
     Earth-where the black wires are connected, the end point for smoke
     Air-thin smoke, also used to inflate basketballs and tubeless tyres
     Fire-Very concentrated smoke, also the demon who lives in sparking plugs
and under marshmallows
     Water-Liquid rust looking for an lbc to solidify upon.

Having at this time opened the bonnet(Always do this first before attempting
a smoke transfusion I have learned) I discovered that so much smoke had
leaked from the various pretty colored wires that several of them had
actually melted into a rainbow cloud of copper and smelling plastic. The
large brown wire on the rear of the alternator had been hot enough to melt
the insulated lock nut securing it there (General Motors 75 amp alternator
installed by DPO - fits well, minor bracket engineering).
SICP, TRF, VB, all show different types harnesses, if in stock. Moss had in
stock-sent promptly - no problem, until 2 days later another arrived. That
resolved I set about carefully laying new next to old, tagging all componets
up to and including the dash as main harness runs from behind steering wheel
east with a great number of surprising connections including 2 diodes and a
southerly branch to the console, past wiper motor,north through firewall to
"malfunction junction" and on to the engine bay and eventually the right and
left headlight areas with multiple branches and detours between. Malfunction
junction is a large mass of relatively unprotected  bullet connectors hanging
in space immediately above the hole rusted through the fender liner and near
the fuse box, starter relay, coil, and distributor amplifier. From here smoke
is routed to the rear of the car for tail lights, fuel pump, OD trans, boot
lamp etc. 
The best way, ONLY way to properly rewire an MG dash board is to completely
remove it from the MG. This will save hours of cursing, and many pints of
blood. It is held in place by only 6 nuts, 4 screws, the speedo cable and oil
pressure pipe. It also allows for working indoors in the air conditioned
comfort with football(American) on the tube.
     So how does an MG owner tell the seasons? In Summer it is hot and humid
and lots of mosquitos under the MG...
     In Fall bright colored leaves and mosquitos blow under the MG...
     In Winter it gets dark much earlier in the day and finally about
Christmas it starts to cool off (at least in Florida) and there aren't quite
as many mosquitos under the MG...
     In Spring... OH PLEASE PRINCE LUCAS don't let me be under here still in
the Spring!
To be continued...
'75 B tourer w/ single carb and really nice Mini-lite mags

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