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Re: Smoke Transfusion (part 1)

Subject: Re: Smoke Transfusion (part 1)
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 10:27:57 GMT
Much sympathy on the rewiring story.  It sounds like the event that caused my
complete rewire about a year ago.  Driving down the M1 in the dark and pouring 
rain, people started flashing at me.  Nothing new I thought until it became 
car passing me flashing.  So I pulled over, got out and discovered that I had no
lights at the back end.  As I played around trying to get the lights on, smoke
started coming from various places.  The result being that I now had no front 

The only thing left working was the hazard lights, so I finished the trip with 
those flashing merrily.  The next day I decided that the time had come to 
take off the dash and sort the problem.  At this point I was imagining splicing 
a few bits of wire, tightening the odd loose connector etc.  

When I got the dash off I realized the size of the task ahead.  The whole dash 
had melted its insulation, so I had one big thick brown wire behind the dash, 
engine bay loom similarly had been melted in places by the current. A complete 
loom was the only answer.  

On removing the old loom I found several "modifications" made by previous 
The best of these included :    14 bare live wire ends behind the dash.
                                Radio wire in with 6 foot long peices of wire 
                                LT wire to the coil twisted onto the 
connections and 
                                        "repaired" by bwing twisted together, 
no tape.

The new loom duly arrived, and I labelled every connector by referring to the 
diagram in the book.  This took me about 2 afternoons at work.  Then I just 
went through
the car ripping off the old one and plugging in the new.  It took me a couple 
of evenings
working very slowly.  

All worked fine right away.  

Good luck


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