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Re: Brakes, starter, ammeter, voltmeter.

Subject: Re: Brakes, starter, ammeter, voltmeter.
From: "A.D.Smith" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 1995 15:36:20 GMT
When I wrote this : 
>>> I also discovered that my antiroll bar mountings have ripped out of the 
>>> rail.  The box section rail seems to have come apart along one corner, and
>>> then torn out with the antiroll bar mount.  It doesn't look rusty - I'll 
>have a
>>> better look tonight.  Should I worry too much ? Replied
> Check your driving habits. Always try to park with the oily side down. 

Over this side, an anti-roll bar is the thing that connects the two wishbones 
to stop the car rolling too much on corners.  It's not the thing that protects 
you if
the car falls over - that's a roll bar.

I think maybe non-brits know an antiroll bar by the name of "swaybar", 
reflecting their
more sedate driving habits perhaps ?

I think this problem may have come about because of the car being jacked up 
under the 
front of the chassis member, which may cause the antiroll bar to pull out 
At least I hope that's it, it may get expensive otherwise.


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