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Re: Brakes, starter, ammeter, voltmeter.

To: ("A.D.Smith")
Subject: Re: Brakes, starter, ammeter, voltmeter.
From: David Hall <>
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 95 9:17:38 PST
> The starter turned over very very slowly, not enough to start the car, and 
> eventually flattened the battery.  This happened a couple of weeks ago too,
> you'll remember.  I got a jump start from a passing innocent.  We connected
> up the two cars, and she revved like mad (that's the other driver). My car 
> still turned over very slowly.  I diagnosed a bad connection on the jumpleads,
> and messed around a bit with them.  Eventually the starter turned a bit 
> although not immediately.  First it just turned very slowly like before. 
>After a 
> few tries it went quicker and the car started.  Is this trying to tell me 
> it's my starter that's the problem.  How can I be sure, apart from replacing 
> If it is the starter, is it likely to be an easy fix that I can do at home, 
> than shelling out on a new one ?

I had a problem a while ago where I drove through a Large Puddle, and then
my 72 MBG/GT started having intermittent starting problems.  I pulled off
the starter, and pulled apart the starter selenoid.  (sp?)  It looked like
there was 20+ years of gunk built up in there.  Cleaned it all out, cleaned
off the contacts, and now strong starting every time.  Don't know if this
is your problem or not, but it would be worth cheking.   If your contacts
are badly worn/corroded, it could be limiting the amout of current getting
to your starter.

Dave Hall

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