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wish list

Subject: wish list
From: (Will Zehring)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 08:52:36 -0500
Fellow fiends:

Risking the wrath of Mark B.'s mother board, I thought it was about time for 
us to start expressing our holiday "wish list" of car-stuff.  Now this *is* 
the MG list so I hope we all give top priority to the Marque, but I also 
believe, what with this the season for friendship, that we shouldn't be 
afraid to express *other* desires... for items not intimately associated 
with MG.  That is, if you've always wanted a boat-tail alfa spyder, go ahead 
and ask for it.  Who knows, maybe someone wealthy *and* generous is listening!

for my part, my wish list (in descending order of hopefulness) is:

1.      a fantastically solid and complete AH bugeye sprite resto project 
(rarer than hen's teeth, by my reconning)

1.5     ditto metal-dash B/GT project (with an OD tranny that doesn't need 
rebuld---the stories I could tell you!)

2.      ditto Porsche 356A coupe project (for my spouse---German cars make 
my sphincter twitch)

3.      ditto boat-tail ALFA Romeo spyder project  (I'd look good in one of 
those, with panasports, too!)

3.5     metric tools for #'s 2 and 3 above

and now, moving into the realm of the un-real...

4.      Jaguar C-type 
5.      BRM P261 V8 (for trips to the grocery)
6.      Aston Marin DB5
7.      Jaguar XK120M

That should do it.  I'll stop there, as I don't want to appear greedy.

So, fellow fiends, what'll it be?  Sky's the limit, as no one whose 
listening can do anything about it anyway...  I hope we all get one or two 
wishes to come true!

Will "simple man, simple needs" Zehring

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