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Re: allison electronic ignition?

Subject: Re: allison electronic ignition?
From: (Jay Tilton)
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 10:47:02 +0500
>  My wife I'm sure {cause I saw the bill} got me the 
>Allison kit for my TR-6, now all I here are bad, bad things
>about it.
>  Does anybody have anything good to say about it, or should
>I risk the wratch and send it back for a replacement of equal or
>greater value[to me I hope]?

Well, mine's been going without a hitch in my MGB for eight years now.  Not
sure if the new ones are significantly different from mine, but I can't
imagine they would be.  How much lattitude for change could there be with a
piece of equipment that's not much more than a transistor?

(You know your car's old when even the bits upgraded from original are
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