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Subject: Re: MowoGroup
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 10:38:01 -0500

On Sun, 17 Dec 1995, wrote:
>In a message dated 95-12-16 13:28:01 EST, you write:
>>He also knows 
>>as does Mike Allison that the G is MG not group. Will the "G-group" please 
>>concede? By the way the green grey paint on TC firewalls must have come from
>>Ministry Of War Oxford Group.
>>Mike Leckstein
>Sorry Mike, The G-group will not concede until we get something in
>writing.....  :-)....
>I've researched all the MG books I have (a lot) and have come up with
>ziltch....Maybe a Lord Nuffield bio which I don't have. or Leonard Lord bio.
> I still say that group makes the most sense cause the company was refered to
>as the Nuffield Group.
Terry: Your position fails on logic. If it was Nuffield group, why the Morris 
and Wolsley? Since the Nuffield group included MG then ,it is logical to use 
three marques. Also, why does someone's misconception in writing prove a point, 
even if you found it. Mike Allison has written two books, and I'm sure book 
three, if he writes one could contain his understanding of MOWAG. Its time to 
let it go and admit the truth! At least there is some authority for MG, no 
authority for Group. Until this is resolved we have to deal with the Ministry 
War and outerspace theory. 


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