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Subject: Re: Fwd: MowoGroup
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 11:02:28 -0500

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, wrote:
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>Subj:    Re: MowoGroup
>Date:    95-12-17 10:57:39 EST
>From:    MGBay
>To:      T A TERRY
>This MOWOG discussion has been interesting to me.  For years I thought that
>it stood for Morris Wolseley Group.  But recently a friend sent me Anders
>Ditlev Clausager's book. "Original MGB".  In it on page 69 in a picture
>caption he points out the MOWOG trademark and says "....the detachable
>gearbox side cover bears the legend 'MOWOG' which was the old Nuffield
>Organization and later BMC parts trademark standing for Morris, Wolseley,
>BTW, if you don't have this book you should get a copy.  It is one of the
>most informative MGB and associated models background books I have seen.
> Great detailed, color photographs of all aspects of our much loved cars.
> Mr. Clausager has been with the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust since
>1979 serving in the capacity of Archivist.
>Also, BTW, in the credits section of his book he acknowledges the assistance
>of John Twist and Caroline Robinson of University Motors, Grand Rapids,
>I'll include the usual disclaimer of no interest financially or otherwise in
>this book.  I wish I did because I'm sure that it will be a profitable
>venture for someone, but then I'm too busy trying to make a living helping
>people keep their LBCs alive and on the road!
>Happy Holidays to you all!
>Randy Balogh
>Strictly British, Inc.
>Lebanon, Ohio
>Randy thanks, it seems Terry's position is slowly loosing ground. Still no 
concession Terry?

Mike Leckstein

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