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Re: Was there a '62 B?

Subject: Re: Was there a '62 B?
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 16:44:21 -0500

Whether there was a 1962 MGB depends on where you're standing.  Production of
the MGB commenced in May '62 and the 'B' was" introduced" on September 20,
l962.  I think many people (myself included) think of these cars in terms of
calendar year production because that with the vin# is what is critical to
determine which parts are correct for any given MG.  If you think in terms of
calendar years then you have production from May, l962 through October, l980.
 If you think in terms of "model years" then you have l963 through 1981
models. However, as you have no doubt found out when trying to buy parts that
using the "model year" only will many times get you the wrong thing.

This issue is also further confused a little by the fact that the vehicle
title may indicate a certain "model year" which was determined by the date on
which the new car was sold.  (ie.,  a l964 production year car being sold in
March of l965 and titled as a l965 MGB.)  This title issue is probably
another whole ball of wax and shouldn't be used in this discussion.

I guess my point would be that I think of these cars in terms of l962 - l980
models.  I have or had a couple of early production cars (#11 and #59) and I
like the 'ring' of saying they are '62s.  That's where I stand!


Randy Balogh 

P.S. If anyone on this list knows the current owner of GHN3L/111 please have
him contact me by e-mail or phone (513/933-0950).  I bought the car in
Portland, OR in l980 and sold it back to a friend in Oregon in l984.  If I am
correct, the car recently (this past summer) went to a new owner in


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