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Re: Was there a '62 B?

Subject: Re: Was there a '62 B?
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 17:34:14 -0500

You wrote 
>There is frequent reference to 1962 MGB's.  Although sales did start in
>late '62, it is my understanding that the first *model year* was 1963 and
>that there was never a "1962 MGB".
Looking at the production data page in my Moss catalog, it appears that
production of the '63 MGB model year began in May '62.  Car #GHN3/L/101 was
built in '62, but is listed as the first '63 MGB.  How accurate is Moss's
production data?  I guess I'd check in Clausager's book to be sure.


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