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Andy's Trip from Houston

Subject: Andy's Trip from Houston
From: "Ramm, Andy" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 1995 13:07:50 -0600
I'm happy to report to the list that my trip from Houston in the MGB I 
bought from Rick Guynn was OUTSTANDING!!!!!  The car had nary a hickup -- 
well, not a real one anyway and I had a great time on the road with the 
old gal (the car that is).

I'm writing about my trip, and though it isn't purely about LBC stuff, I 
was wondering if the list would like me to post it here.  If it is deemed 
inappropriate for the forum, please mail me directly and I'll send the 
text to you individually.

BTW, Rick Guynn is a good egg and the car he sold me is definitely solid. 
 Thanks again Rick!

Andy Ramm
'67 Midget -- The Smidgen
'69 MGB -- Name TBD, Maybe Emma?

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