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A Wonderful Experience (vendors)

Subject: A Wonderful Experience (vendors)
From: Glenn Schnittke <>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 23:42:03 -0600
I've been experiencing trouble with my mailer lately, so this may bomb the
lists but I think it's worth it.

Some of you are familiar with the demise of the maroon ('74 B) and it's
replacement with the primrose ('69 B). You are also aware of the maroon
still being in my backyard waiting breathlessly to donate parts to the prim,
subject to my approval and the whims of the parts market.

Last weekend I had a break in the weather and got the chance to pull the
front end off the maroon and get the parts to different places to get them
checked for insertion into the prim. The disks and hubs are waiting for
truing, the stub axles are getting magna-fluxed and checked for alignment,
the springs are in the back room, and the shocks got sent back to Apple for
a full checkout. The steering rack is gone (bent) and I wasn't able to save
any parts from it. I did transfer the 3/4" swaybar (anti-roll bar to those
of that persuasion) and the column u-joint.

I figured the right front shock was gone, so I called Apple to order
another. I got one of the only two people I've talked to there, Bob, and
explained the situation and started to order the new shock. He stopped me.
He said that in most of the crash damaged shocks that he'd seen come through
there, the damage seemed to be limited to the shaft and NOT the arms
(alignment) and instead of buying a new unit, I should send the old one back
and he'd check it out and if it needed repair it would probably cost me
twenty bucks instead of the fifty for a new one. GREAT. I sent them both.
Just to check them against each other. 

Today I got a call from Lazar, the only other person I've talked to there.
He said basically, that after getting the info on the crash and the unit's
history, that he was amazed that it was in such good shape. He said the only
indication that he had, just looking at it and testing it, that it had even
been on a car was the scratches around the mounting holes where the bolts
dig in. He said he was sending it right back to me and was going to start a
new warranty from today. When I asked how he wanted to handle it (COD,
prepaid, etc) he said, "don't worry we'll pick it up. You don't owe us


Not only did Apple talk me *OUT* of buying a new unit (-$60), they said the
old one did NOT need repaired (-$20) and are sending it back to me on their
bill (+$9). Along with the unit that I knew was good. They're covering
everything. And signing off on it and giving me a new warranty. 

Top THAT, healeydoc.

Glenn "Happy as a pig in" Schnittke
Joyful Driving

Glenn Schnittke                    Recovering Musician
Nashville TN                       615-385-2800   

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