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Subject: anthropomorpizing
From: (Scotty)
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 21:29:29 +1030
>(Michael MacLeod wrote)
>        Is it just me?  Am I the only one who refuses to encumber an
>automobile, no matter how cherished, with a name?

NOPE! I`m with you.

>        I may be one of the few owners out there who have owned their
>treasured car (MGA in this case) for over 20 years.  But, never in all this
>time have I been tempted to baptise my cars, motorbikes, or guitars.

I`m in the same catagory here! Owned MGs since 1962, all no names.

>        I realize I'm not a nurturing new-age kind of guy and probably
>don't belong in the 90's, but, surely there must be other curmudgeons out
>there just like me.

I just had to go into Word to look up (curmudgeon) it`s not a word I use a lot!
I think this is my first time! Wow! a vulgar person, OK I can live with
that, BUT, Boor, Oaf, Cad, Lout, Clod, Jerk? [Heavy Duty,fist swinging
I ever read any worse, I dont remember doing it]

>        Am I a voice crying in the wilderness?

Mike, NO, there must be lots of us out here, who wont ever give a car a name
but if it`s what some one else wants to do, fair enough! The MG factory gave
the trials cars names for the three Muskateers!!   It is not for me.

MGB-LE 1979- The LE, No other I.D.
J2 4330 [basket] The J2. No other I.D.

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