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Re: allison electronic ignition?

To: "White, Richard H." <>
Subject: Re: allison electronic ignition?
From: "Eric L. Van Iderstine" <elv1@Ra.MsState.Edu>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 00:39:57 -0600 (CST)
On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, White, Richard H. wrote:

> All this talk about Allison ignition makes me want to try it.  And just so 
> happens I've got an old unit that was removed from a car.  Can anybody tell 
> me how to connect the wires that come out of the box.  I assume one is 
> gnd, one is 12volts, but what about the others. Theres a ballast resistor and 
> coil in the circuit somewhere?  Which color wire goes where? I have no 
> paperwork or instuctions.  Thanks in advance, Richard

I have the instructions in front of me, so here goes (It is 12:20 am, 
I've been out of school for a week, and I'm still soooo far behind.  At 
least I got a 4.0 this past semester.....1 more to go).

For the Crane/Allison XR700, for negative ground hookup, 
you should hook up the following

RED - PLUS (+) side of distributor
YELLOW - NEGATIVE (-) side of distributor
BLACK - GROUND to chassis
Optical Trigger Cable - connects to trigger unit in distributor

There is a warning block on the page...not knowing what model you have, 
I'll repeat it.

Warning XR3000 or standard 12 volt XR700 units cannot be used with 
positive ground.  Use special XR700 P/N 720-0001 for 12 volt positive 
ground.  All 6 volt XR700 units are compatible with positive ground.  
Refer to positive ground tech note for further information.

Here's a little ASCII art......I can't wait for those little cameras on 
top of compueters to become commonplace.......

   Distributor with
   optical trigger                                |---------|
        /----\                                    |         |
        |    |     MOLEX      Optical Trigger     |  Crane  |
        |    |=====PLUG===========================|  XR700  |
        \----/                Cable (3 wires)     |         |
                        /-------------------------|YELLOW   |
                        |     /-------------------|RED      |
                        |     |         /---------|BLACK    |
                        |     |         |         |---------|
                        |     |         |
                        |     |         |
                        /-----\         TO CHASSIS (GROUND)
                NEG     | COIL|   POS
              TERMINAL  \-----/ TERMINAL
                        |     |            Ballast Resistor
                        |     \------------/\/\/\------|
                        TO              |             -----
                        TACH            |-------------|KEY|

If you need any more info, I'll be in town until Saturday morning...let 
me know


Eric L. Van Iderstine - ME senior - Mississippi State University 
Design Coordinator - MSU Formula SAE......Powered by Honda......
74 MGB / 85 Buick / 95 DiamondBack Sorrento

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