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Carb Question??

To: To MGB Mailing List <>
Subject: Carb Question??
From: "White, Richard H." <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 08:57:00 -0800
Thanks to all that responded to the wiring question for Allison ignition.  
Now I've got a real challenging question.  I've come across a couple 1 3/4" 
SU Hif6 carbs from a Rover 3500 and want to adapt them onto my MGB.  The 
question pertains to mounting angle. On the Rover the carbs are mounted on a 
angle to lower the overall height, will they continue to work correctly it 
mounted vertical?  Anybody ever do this and how do you select the proper 
needles?  Do we name our cars after women because we like to remove their 
tops? or because they dripple liquids at the worst possible times?  I'm 
really confused, Happy Humbug, Richard

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