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MG B parts in NM

Subject: MG B parts in NM
From: "Robert L. Abernathy" <rabernat@freedom.NMSU.Edu>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 16:23:02 -0700 (MST)
I left a tantalizing message about some B parts about
a week ago. The parts are owned by a friend who 
mentioned that they were available. To make this clear,
I will give the whole story. Keep in mind that I
do not own an MG myself and I know little about them.

Bud Conn, who owns the B, is currently gutting it for
the running gear to install in a TD. He hopes to be
finished in about a month. When he is done,
he will simply dump what is left, which includes the 
entire body. He is NOT interested in selling any parts,
or removing and shipping anything. Anyone who wants
all or part of the body must come in person, and remove
it yourself. All unwanted parts are free for the taking.

The car is in Las Cruces,  New Mexico, USA (about
50 miles north of El Paso, Texas).
For more information, contact the owner (who does not
have an email address!):

        Bud Conn
        phone: 505-522-4746

You may send me messages to pass along, but you will
be better off going direct.

Happy salvaging
1967 Hillman Imp Super

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