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Re: My car must be male

Subject: Re: My car must be male
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 18:20:28 -0500
Peter, I apologise to the Australian Jag. owners. In my area in New Jersey, the 
Jag group is much more affluent then the MG group. Once a year a good friend of 
mine ( who owns the local MB dealership) holds a car show at a very fancy 
country club. There are always a half dozen 300 SL Gullwings, a Ferrari Daytona 
or two ,not to mention Jags, Porsches and other expensive MBs. There are 
million dollars in cars, all in pristine condition. The women are ornaments as 
they drink champagne, not clean cars. Along comes yours truly and his friends 
with every post-war model MG ,all nice but all cars that are driven. We set up 
in our own area, and the real car nuts go crazy over the T types and MG sedans. 
I appreciate cars worth $500,000 that arrive in enclosed trailers, but when the 
judging is done with white gloves, it all gets to be a little too much. These 
cars are museum pieces and the men are rich boys with their toys.The women are 

  I realise that this may be an isolated example, and their are many Jag clubs 
and owners who are enthusiasts, but it just isn't as common as MG folk. So I am 
an MG chauvinist, but not a male chauvinist.

  I have to relate a story about a great custody fight. See I am an attorney 
does some divorce work. (please no questions or snide remarks) . A number of 
years ago I represented a woman in a childless marriage. They divided their 
assets and resolved support issues quite quickly. However they had a  50's 
Porsche Speedster, that had won several prizes . They both wanted the car. She 
testified how she had sewn much of the interior, had prepared and displayed the 
car on many occasions. He testified that she couldn't even drive it properly. 
While the Judge played Solomon we had to set up a joint visitation schedule. 
Alternate weekends of course. The issue was resolved with an auction in court 
between the two party's bidding against each other! She won the car, but 
probably over paid.

   Many acquaintances in the car world have gone through divorce through the 
years, and some have bragged to Barbara and myself on how they had won the MG. 
Barbara has always wondered to me how much the guy gave up to keep the car. The 
house maybe? 

   Lastly an apology to Barbara,  I stated that Denise was the only female I 
knew in the group. You see Barbara is "bleckstein" Its her computer, her 
and she found this group. She posted months before she showed me how to work 
this thing, and now that I learned a little, she says she has created a 
Barbara's knowledge and interest is not in the way the car runs, but in the 
people and stories that are forever involved with MGs. She agrees that MG 
both male and female are something special. 

Mike Leckstein on Barbara's Email

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