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Re: Folding the Hood

Subject: Re: Folding the Hood
From: David Councill <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 20:34:28 -0700
>>OBTW, the rest of his "home page" is likewise worth the visit.
>Maybe if you've got lots of spare time to kill.  I originally intended to
>use my pages purely for fluff (mission accomlished!).  The useful nature of
>the topdown page provides a little bit of much-needed balance, and it seemed
>the perfect way to exploit the abilities of the WWW.
>Jay Tilton /  (vt = Virginia Tech)
>Home page:
> MGB page:

I found Jay's pages fairly entertaining. Of course this comes from someone
who also has babbled too much in his own "exploitation" of the web.
Eventually I may even make some LBC related web page. Until then, its mostly
Internet stuff.

The one surprising part is Jay's anecdotes on his car restorations. I have
had my BGT for over a decade, put in excess of 150k miles on it, and yet Jay
has performed what appears to be considerably more mechanical restorations
than I have. Oh well - some people have all the fun.

David Councill                                                       

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