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MGTC Virus Alert

Subject: MGTC Virus Alert
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 1995 18:26:34 -0500
To all my new friends in this newsgroup:

Please be advised there is a sinister group of dichotomized people who are
MGTC owners and drivers as well as computer enthusiasts. As these "Shade Tree
Nerds" matured in the computer field, the inevitable happened - the dreaded
MGTC viruses jumped (or were tracked in on greasy Nikes) from the garages of
southern California into the kitchens, dens and home offices. They have now
begun to appear worldwide on the Web. 
In order to forewarn you and perhaps alert you to discover yet unknown
strains that may endanger all lbc/computer people, I will attempt to describe
a few of the more aggravating, costly, frustrating and time consuming - 

MGTC RESTORATION VIRUS - scatters your small files about your hard disk,
duplicates some at random and hides your SymantecTools file in your MS Word

LUCAS VIRUS - overheats your CPU, but allows the smoke to escape from your
laser printer to distract you from the real  problem. Particularly virulent
with Ethernet.

MIKE GOODMAN (SPORTS CAR SERVICE) VIRUS - renders your keyboard inoperable
every 29.5 days for 36 minutes while on line, meanwhile flashing the message
"They All Do That" and adding $350 to your monthly service costs. This
ubiquitous, unnerving and expensive virus has many geographic aliases. 

NOS VIRUS - enables replacement components to duplicate all failures of your
previous components exactly 366 days after installation.

MGTC STEERING VIRUS - prevents re-visiting WWW sites by wandering and
crossing over the Botts Dots of the Information Highway resulting in noise
distraction and severe memory contraction.

TC MOTORING GUILD CITIZEN BAND VIRUS - disables audio circuit so that all
messages resemble sound of a Kenmore downshift at 75 mph.

Happy Holidays,
Bob McKarney -TC Motoring Guild
'48 MGTC
'67 MGB

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