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females on list/MG's and 'ludes

Subject: females on list/MG's and 'ludes
From: (Cindy Jizmagian)
Date: 22 Dec 1995 23:04:18 GMT

>One was the assumption that I must be an idiot to buy an old British car, 
>therefore I needed to be protected by not being allowed to make any 
>decisions for myself
- Denise

Yes, I think I used to know him too.

>The other was the assumption that my car was always going to be broken down 
>and need work that I couldn't afford and I'd need rides everywhere
- Denise

Him too!  

> I always read Denise Thorpe though.  

>How could you avoid me?  I post every 30 seconds or so.

I can see that Denise has seniority here. Her response arrived before the
original question. <g>

(lbc /Honda content below)    

It is time to replace my faithful winter car, a 5-speed Honda Accord.
A few years ago, when a friend was about to test drive a (pre- '93) Prelude,
he suggested I take the wheel first. Well, soon he had to fight me for a
chance to drive it. I really enjoyed driving that car. My subjective
impression was of driving a grown-up version of an MGB (hard to explain).
Cornering in the city was not as much fun as with an MG because of the
variable-asist power steering.

I'm now shopping for a '93 or '94 Prelude but haven't taken one out for a
test drive yet. I'm curious if any MG-enthusiast on this list has exprience
with or an opinion about the late-model 'ludes. Or is there another car I
should consider? Is a Celica worth trying?  BTW, I'm 5'1'" tall (using the
word loosely) and while driving the MG I sometimes have to stretch to reach
the clutch if I'm using the seatbelt. My driving tends to be mostly urban in
winter, winding roads and ocasional interstates in summer (spring/summer is
my mostly MG season unless I need a/c). So, ladies and gentlemen:  What is a
grown-up MGB?

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