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X-mas Present (longish)

Subject: X-mas Present (longish)
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 95 22:30 PST
Well I got my christmas present,last friday I decided to go out to Moss motors 
and look at steering wheels.I have never liked the plastic one on my 79 B.I 
Lancaster bright and early in about 25 deg weather went down San Fransenquito 
Canyon to newhall where I picked up the latest Classic & Sportcars magazine and 
made my way out hwy 126.I stopped for coffee in Fillmore and decided to put the 
hood down as the weather was pretty nice.I made it out to Ventura and up 101 
where the traffic was crazy since they lifted the 55 limit,some people were 
going 80 and some were still going 55.I kept it at 70, i went thru santa 
to Goleta and found the new Moss building.I was dissapointed that they have'nt 
put in their showroom yet but they took me to a room and let me look at some 
Moto-Lita wheels I wanted one with aluminum spokes and leather rim but they 
didnt carry them any more only the black ones.I was trying to make up my mind 
when another salesman came in and asked me why not a LE replica? he brought it 
out and it is a nice wheel with aluminum spokes 
and nicely made He said they didn't have the hubs for sale  yet as they are 
developing a new hub for sale with them and I would have to make one or find 
at a junk yard.I said i probably wouldn't be able to make one or find one but 
thanks anyway,he thought a minute and told me they didn't usually do this but 
would sell me the prototype hub for $25!
and Merry christmas!I jumped at the chance and thanked them both and got a pair 
of free driving gloves in the deal!
As I was leaving another gentleman asked me if the MG out front was mine and he 
would like to take a picture of it to put in Mg Driver magazine the mag you get 
with NAMGBR So I went out and had my picture taken with my car. I have to admit 
I have only had good experiences with Moss and will continue to do business 
them.I left Moss and went into Santa Barbara for lunch,I found a place called 
the hibachi and had a good teryaki chicken for $5.As I reached Ventura
it started to sprinkle so I stopped and put the hood back up,about Piru I 
noticed I was losing some power so I pulled over and found the oil in the ZS 
low squirted some in it ( I have to fix it someday) and back on the road with 
other problems.I went 270 miles on about 10.4 gals of gas not bad for a smogged 
MGB The next morning I awoke to about 2" of snow on the ground!! Only in 
Southern Cal could you be driving around with top..oops  HOOD down one day and 
have snow the next!! Now if anyone wants to buy a good used 79 B steering wheel 
with sewn leather cover let me know..
Pat 79 "B"

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