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Re: A/B Parts Interchangeability?

To: Rick Guynn <>
Subject: Re: A/B Parts Interchangeability?
From: (Ernest E. Gilbert)
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 1995 18:22:42 -0800
>What is the interchangeability of the following from '77B to '62A:

Difference between the A and B front shocks is the arms. They ar themselves
different, and oriented in the opposite direction on the shafts.

Rear shocks seem to be the same dimensionally but check the Moss catalogues.
If they are the same the Moss P/N will be the same. Get the catalogues free
at 800.235.6954 ex 82
distributors don't care about polarity, only the coil wires need changing.
Fireing order is different on the A but thats only wireing. Difference, if
any, will be in the advance but they will probably interchange. Moss numbers
will be different because advance mechanism is different, but Lucas makes
only one model to replace all and that's the only one you can really buy.


Absolutely different. B is brass bushing on smooth pin with brass thrust
washer for vertical support. A is actually an acme thread, steel to steel,
in both upper and lower joints. King pin has acme threads on both ends and
no bearing surfaces. When you turn your wheels the king pin threads in and
out of the joints. Also, on A the king pin is pressed into stub axel and not
on B.

>Anything else that might come to mind.....
Most trannie internal parts, callipers I think, clutch slave

>BTW, any and all other mechanical parts from the 'B are up for grabs (even
>the entire engine which has 20,000 miles on a re-build).

I could use the engine, trannie, rear end, steering rack, front end assy,
etc. Maybe you better just price the pile. If you're not too far from LA
I'll pick it up. 

Ernest E. Gilbert

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