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Re: the world's ODDEST profession

Subject: Re: the world's ODDEST profession
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 08:01:47 -0500
    High Priestess Denise Thorpe of Dionysus (look for action
        figures at a toy store near you soon!) said:

>...There are
>some of us (probably throwbacks) who need to live in the kind of fear 
>experienced by primitive man and so we hurtle along roads in cars 

    That's not fear - that's adrenalin!

>that are known to fly apart without warning 

    Do all professional mechanics have this view?  If my MG
    "flew apart without warning", I would tend to be very
    interested in the snugness of various bolts and nuts,
    but I do all my own work, so I have no one to blame but

>or leave us stranded in a hostile environment (see Andy Ramm's trip #6).  

    Which simply explains why a well-planned spares and tool kit is
    a required item.  A spares kit should not excuse basic design
    and implementation faults, which must be corrected by the owner/
    mechanic on a pro-active basis (example:  SOLDER those connections!!
    better yet, look at a few rally machines and note the much more
    reliable system of single unbroken wires from fuse to device, with
    the occasional LOCKING connector.

    Note:   I have a large number of Mil-Spec Cannon 2 and 4-pin 
            connectors, ideal for high-reliability applications.
            These are the weatherproof fellows with the knurled
            ring that twists a few turns to seal the connection.
            If anyone is interested, e-mail me, and I will sell
            or trade at very low exchange rates.  The connectors
            were left over from a project that you are better off
            knowing nothing about, but they are the best 
            connectors that mankind could create in 1978.   
>Not only do our cars break down often, 

    1972 MG Midget daily driver, the only car I have driven 
    since 1976, never needed a tow or assistance. Nuff said.
>but they break down in mysterious ways that give rise to quasi-
>religious superstitions (e.g., Lucas as the devil).  This has created a new 
>priesthood: the MG mechanic.  

    So this is why the magazine of the New England T Register is
    called "The Sacred Octagon"!!!

>Since I'm the only female professional MG (ex) mechanic I've ever heard 
>of, I elect myself high priestess.  When everyone's done bowing and 
>scraping, my car needs to be washed and waxed.

    All the guys on the list worship you, Ms. Thorpe, but I am
    sorry to report that such worship may not be quite so
    platonic as you might want to think.

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 james fischer             

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