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Re: Classic Cars/Classic Computers

Subject: Re: Classic Cars/Classic Computers
From: (James Fischer)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 08:01:54 -0500
    Chip Old said:
>Have I got a deal for you!  A box of 10 unused 8 inch floppy disks.  
>$5 as is, where is.  Not guaranteed to be usable, but then neither is 
>your Northstar Advantage.

    I have a good deal to go along with the above:

        FREE TO A GOOD HOME (You pay shipping):

            1 Televideo 803 (Dual Floppy/Monochrome screen)
                            Runs CP/M!
                            Gobs of software!
                            Custom keycaps for Wordstar wordprocessor
                                that allow single buttons to do things
                                like a Vydeck or other word processor

            1 Televideo 803H    (Hard Disc and Floppy)
                                Runs CP/M and the Network O/S for
                                 clusters of CP/M machines!
                                Network interface on RS-499 cable.
                                Acts as printer spooler for any
                                workstations connected

    Sadly, these machines use the 5.25" floppies, but the O/S
    supports the connection of 8 inch floppies and various
    tape drives.                                

    100% Backed by my assurance that they run right now!
    They are presently used as VT-100 terminal emulators,
    so they have been maintained since they were purchased
    in 1980. 

    Since communications software, DBASE-II, and various other
    programs are included, one could connect a modem and use these
    babies as internet workstations on a lynx (text-only) account,
    Or as a "classic" computer to go with your classic car!!!!!

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 james fischer             

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