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Re: Classic Cars/Classic Computers

Subject: Re: Classic Cars/Classic Computers
From: (Bill Singleton)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 08:42:04 -0500
>>Have I got a deal for you!  A box of 10 unused 8 inch floppy disks.
>>$5 as is, where is.  Not guaranteed to be usable, but then neither is
>>your Northstar Advantage.

Let's see, we now have one Northstar Advantage, 1 Trash 80, 2 Sinclairs
(with 16KB memory modules), 2 Televideos (1 with hard disk!) and no lbc
content in this thread.

It is apparent that members of this list don't move often enough and have
too much time on their hands in the winter.

Denise, IMHO you have always been the high priestess of this group.  I, for
one, would gladly wash and wax your car, except

        1.  my wife would protest that I don't even do that for her car
        2.  my wife would protest period
        3.  I live on the wrong coast.

Maybe one of your left coast bronzed beach hunks will realize that sun and
surf are false gods andd begon worshiping our high priestess.

Bill Singleton

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