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Re: Vinyl Scuttle Cover

Subject: Re: Vinyl Scuttle Cover
From: Croaker the Physician <>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 95 09:34:54 PST
   Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 23:35:50 EST

                     My question is this, can someone describe how the
   vinyl folds over the side between the wing / scuttle seam (obvious here)
   and the furflex door trim.  Is the vinyl edge turned under?  Does it
   fit under the door trim?  How far done does it extend downward?  I know
   that this is a little hard to envision, but if you've done it before,
   you probably know exactly what I am asking about.   Thanks in advance.

I'm at work and the Geezer is at home awaiting a less rainy day to drive, so
this is from memory.  Also, mine was redone a few years back, although to my
eye it matches what was there previously.  The vinyl is trimmed to about an
inch overhang, folded down along the side of the scuttle, turned under a tad
for a smooth edge, and riveted to the metal.  The previous rivets were
painted to match; the current rivets are not.


Mark L. Lambert
Mobile Systems Group
Oracle Corporation

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